"Streaming video to the world in real time"

How it works

Real World Streaming

Live video streaming.


Real World Streaming provides the videographers, streaming equipment, computers, technicians, and all of the behind-the-scenes work needed to stream your program to the intended audience, in a high-quality broadcast format.

When called for, we can provide a secure solution for viewing, including user name and password implementation. We can also provide pay-per-view event design, management, and e-commerce services, including banner overlay advertising campaigns.

With our dedicated player, your event can be viewed on any computer, including PC and Mac. We provide a dedicated webpage for broadcast of your event and also provide the coding so that it can be viewed on your website, or multiple websites – all at the same time. Streaming is routed through our servers and causes no unnecessary drain on your website resources.

Our fees represent cost-effective, competitive rates for the production of your event. There are no long-term contracts or commitments. Our sales staff will work with you to design a solution for your video streaming needs.